Meet Vicki

Writer, reader, and intrepid observer of people. 

I’ve always been a reader.

Since my first memories, I’ve devoured books. The emotions provoked—fear, elation, sorrow, ecstasy—all of these flowing from the mind of the writer into that of the reader. What a wonderful concept. What a great ability.

When my husband mentioned I should write, I gave him an indulgent smile, patted him on the head and stated, “No, I’m a reader.”

Then, a few years ago, I was playing at writing prompts with a friend of mine. And then I took an online course on character development. And suddenly, I had a character—Ellen Thompson. What should I do with her? Well, obviously she needed an adventure. She needed to be pulled, or even better, pushed, out of her normal routine. Picked up and thrown into peril. While researching lost treasures (and there is a ton of them), I happened upon Van Gogh’s masterpiece, Poppy Flowers. Art, travel, adventure, clues, danger, and yes, even a little romance. Finding Poppies was born, and I was hooked. And when I thought I’d take a break, Ellen started whispering in my ear again. After Key of the Prophecy, An Ellen Thompson Thriller, I did take a breather from Ellen, but not from writing.

With the publication of the Pedagogue Chronicles—Maya’s Song, Book I; Sylvan’s Guise, Book II; and Tessa’s Flight, Book III, I’ve delved into the genre of fantasy. I like it. Maybe I’ll do it again.

But you know what? Lately, Ellen Thompson’s been whispering to me. She’s bored. She wants another adventure. Kinda guess she’s gonna get what she wants.
What can I say…I’m a pushover for a great story.

Key of the Prophecy
An Ellen Thompson Thriller

Finding Poppies


She's devoted to her life working at a museum surrounded by wondrous art. But after finding a murdered body and a mysterious clue, Ellen is flung into a frantic search for a stolen treasure.

She must utilize all her fearless courage and intellect along with a natural physic sensitivity to avoid pitfalls, follow hidden signs and avoid becoming another victim. Along the way she meets up with handsome Detective James Russell who aids her in the hunt.

Will they conquer the perils and solve the riddle?

ELLEN THOMPSON IS FLOURISHING in the life she's created as a curator of a museum in Arizona. 

When a new friend unexpectedly turns up on her door one evening with a deadly group on his heels, she's catapulted into a desperate run for her life.

Using her skills, intelligence, and innate psychic ability, she's drawn into a hunt for the mysterious Guardian--an entity whose birth is in our ancient stories and whose existence is necessary if ours is to continue. As Ellen moves closer to the answers, she's compelled to experience spiritual visitations while being pursued by the Guild in their search for and control of the Guardian. Fleeing through Europe and Asia, Ellen and her companion use all their daring and skill in a frantic search to find the answers and understand the clues.

The riddles must be solved and the enigmatic Guardian located before time runs out.

Maya's Song, Book I
The Pedagogue Chronicles


Magic runs through sixteen-year-old Maya’s blood. Isolated from the world, she knows nothing of the encroaching evil intent on consuming the land. An evil whose hunger is driven by its thirst for magic. An evil whose power is fueled by a family’s legacy of secrets.

When Maya’s mother is abducted, Maya embarks on a journey to find her and learns family secrets that may be the source of her mother’s undoing. Battling loss and love as she strives to learn her family’s destiny and fight the forces seeking to shape her future, Maya must accept her own fate and fight for the future before it’s taken from her forever.

Thus begins the epic Pedagogue Chronicles. A thrilling story of magic, adventure, and deceit.

The story continues in book II, Sylvan’s Guise, and concludes with Tessa’s Flight.

Sylvan's Guise, Book II
The Pedagogue Chronicles

Tessa's Flight, Book III
The Pedagogue Chronicles

Faith of the Curé
An Ellen Thompson Thriller


Sixteen-year-old Sylvan was raised to be a lady—to run a grand estate by wielding the magic that is her birthright. But when the past finds her, her dreams of a life of light and happiness are shattered.

To save the lives of her family, even though she fears it, Sylvan must free the darkness within and allow it to claim her. It will take all the courage and resilience she has not only to face her greatest fears, but to face her greatest enemy—herself—or risk losing herself forever to oblivion.

The Pedagogue Chronicles continues with this riveting story of magic, deception, and death.

The story concludes with Book III, Tessa’s Flight.


Magic is the only legacy in Tessa's life.

At sixteen years old, she knows nothing of the challenges her mother faced when she had to flee her home. When she had to run from the darkness to give Tessa a chance at a life with happiness and safety. 

When mysterious strangers arrive, bringing news of her grandmother--a woman she never knew existed--secrets are revealed and her world is thrust into turmoil.  To prove her worth, Tessa embarks upon an adventure grander than she could ever imagine. With her trusted mentor, she confronts new family, and battles an evil bent on consuming the world.

Thus concludes the Pedagogue Chronicles with this moving story of magic, destiny, and love.


Only this earth is different from the one she left.

Fifty years in the future, the atmosphere is scorched, and rising temperatures have evaporated most of the world’s water. When Ellen arrives in this timeline—alone and without her memories—she soon discovers the deadly Guild is still on the hunt, and she is on the run.

Locating new allies, Ellen flees the outlands to Chicago and into the heart of Washington, DC. Searching for why she is here, Ellen confronts dangers, deciphers clues, and tries to stay one step ahead of her enemies.  Will Ellen find the answers she needs to save her new friends and possibly the world?

Faith of the Cure is the next bingeworthy installment in the Ellen Thompson Thriller series.

"Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably."
C. S. Lewis



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